"We believe he has the right approach for a rough moment in San Diego when there is a serious housing shortage, rents are ridiculously high and too many people are homeless. Moore said this fraught moment requires 'aggressiveness and seriousness and a break from the way we’ve traditionally done things in the city.' We couldn’t agree more." 
-San Diego Union Tribune

Over the next decade, San Diego will need bold leadership that is unafraid to move beyond the tired issues of the past two decades and face down the crises and opportunities that lay before us.

Hidden beneath the wonderful weather and cultural richness that makes us America’s Finest City, there are systemic problems that threaten the economic freedom and quality of life in our communities.

Our newly graduated young adults can’t afford to pay rent here. The sidewalks and canyons of our neighborhoods have become homeless camps. Coastal flooding is eating away roads, bridges, and rail lines that we depend on to commute. Our region is supposedly at full employment - but stagnated wages and salaries keep too many of our neighbors struggling from paycheck to paycheck. The combination of these factors, if left unaddressed, will cripple our region and our world.

Worst of all: Our city leadership has put off addressing these problems for years — focusing on special interests and pet projects — when they should be leading the way into the future.

Our community deserves an honest and bold leader who is willing to tackle the big problems head on and knows that we don’t have time to waste.

I am running for City Council because today’s decisions become tomorrow’s successes. We can’t settle for empty promises and shallow vision — we must stand up and meet the moment. Join me. It’s time for San Diego to demand more.


Our housing production has not kept up with our local birth rate in over 20 years. Make San Diego a place our kids can live by encouraging housing options near transit and job centers, cutting wasteful red tape, encouraging reforms to well meaning programs that haven't worked and are being abused.  


Get people off the street and into permanent housing where they can get the services they need to regain independence. It is true that many of our homeless neighbors have severe mental health problems and addictions, but studies show between half and two thirds are unsheltered simply due to economic hardship. Invest in early intervention to prevent the chronic homelessness that burdens our emergency rooms and first responders.


We’re not on track to meet the goals of our Climate Action Plan, and we can't wait for the Federal Government to help. The City Council must reduce our carbon emissions, encourage renewable energy, enhance our transit options, and plan for the effects of climate change.


Fix our neglected roads and provide smart, effective options to get San Diegans where we want to go, when we want to get there.


San Diego is the safest large city in America, and crime is at a 40 year low.  Keep on track by improving community relationships and ensuring department staffing needs are met.

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